August 2017

Day 157: MVP progress
Day 156: Value-based positioning
Day 152: Sweetly stumped
Day 151: Sweetly progress, creating influence
Day 148: Sweetly research
Day 147: Free time, progress update
Day 143: Voice recording from a Chromebook
Day 142: Social media withdrawal, MVP progress
Day 138: Launched "Tell Me When My Chromebook Gets Play Store"
Day 136: Chromebook play store progress
Day 135: Chromebook play store progress
Day 134: MVP silently deployed, Chromebook play store progress
Day 133: Chromebook play store progress
Day 132: Learning Blender, Chromebook play store design

July 2017

Day 131: three.js and anime.js
Day 130: Tell me when my Chromebook gets Play Store
Day 127: Secondary characters are not secondary
Day 126: Novel character development
Day 125: MVP progress, studying books
Day 124: Progress on MVP, writing a novel
Day 121: Tested the MVP ourselves
Day 120: MVP done in under 24 hours
Day 119: Working on a new MVP
Day 118: Spent some time reading
Day 116: Finished up my personal site, fishing for ideas
Day 113: Personal website is live
Day 112: Personal website progress
Day 111: Brochilling unveiled
Day 110: Prank designed, personal site progress
Day 109: Prank progress
Day 105: Visitor reception, personal rebranding, planning a prank
Day 104: Posted Visitor on the internet
Day 103: Visitor progress
Day 102: Visitor progress
Day 101: The buy button, Visitor progress
Day 100: Summary of the past hundred days

June 2017

Day 99: Delays with Visitor
Day 98: Visitor messaging progress
Day 97: Visitor is basically an MVP now
Day 96: Visitor technically working, identifying as a "maker"
Day 95: Visitor progress, online identity
Day 94: Review of non-blogging experiment, graduation from Startup School, Crowdnote collaboration, Visitor progress
Day 88: Back on the horse, moving forward with Visitor
Day 85: Peaceful day
Day 84: Crowdnote progress
Day 83: Crowdnote progress, exploring
Day 82: Machine learning progress, getting back to market testing
Smiling through good weather
Day 80: Startup School pitch video
Day 79: Terrible machine learning results, attended ballroom performance
Day 78: Crowdnote machine learning update
Day 77: Learning the top layer of machine learning fundamentals
Day 76: Pivoting towards automation, first look at machine learning
Day 75: Starting video posts, Crowdnote data visualization
Day 74: Breaking down playlist numbers, evaluating Crowdnote's options, recognizing value
Day 73: Spotify provides tempos and ISRC's
Day 72: Crowdnote's Spotify importing is complete
Day 71: Monkey patching, Crowdnote progress update
Day 70: Reviewing other startups, Crowdnote's 2-minute pitch

May 2017

Day 69: Continued university team feedback, progress update
Day 68: University team research, automating categorizations, shipping Visitor's MVP
Day 67: Verifying domain ownership, Visitor progress update
Day 66: Visitor progress update
Day 65: Using Spotify for Crowdnote, Visitor widget and postMessage
Day 64: Finished the social auth python package
Day 63: Exporting music to Spotify
Day 62: Progress on Visitor, python has lacking social support
Day 61: Gymnastics phone calls, Visitor deployment
Day 60: Quick update
Day 59: Designing the Visitor widget
Day 58: Reading, adding music, and a new spark
Day 57: A glimpse into the gymnastics space
Day 56: First taste of Poolski, alternate markets for Crowdnote
Day 55: I think I'm bad at Poolski
Day 54: Poolski prototype is ready
Day 53: Progress with Poolski's MVP
Day 52: Progress with Poolski's MVP
Day 51: Reaching outside normalcy
Day 50: The plan for Poolski's MVP
Day 49: Adding wedding songs to Crowdnote
Day 48: Knuckle down success!
Day 47: Time to knuckle down
Day 46: Idea exploration day
Day 45: Filling the drip
Day 44: Taking entrepreneurial inventory
Day 43: The slow drip approach
Day 42: I experienced Crowdnote's "magic moment"
Day 41: Exploring new possibilities
Day 40: I totally didn't build an MVP
Day 39: A real moment of doubt

April 2017

Day 38: Following the user breadcrumb trail
Day 37: Search engine optimization via server-side rendering
Day 36: Copy problems
Day 35: Articulating the core problem
Day 34: Moving quickly in multiple directions
Day 33: To my favorite user
Day 32: Closed beta isn't working
Day 31: Follow the music
Day 30: I'm a user now, too!
Day 29: What I learned from my first users today
Day 28: Preparing for onboarding users tomorrow
Day 27: Incorporation and legal stuff
Day 26: Tech Day at NYC
Day 25: It's all about the users
Day 24: Ballroom studio search and legal delay
Day 23: Final cleanup before release
Day 22: Choosing a startup attorney
Day 21: Networking with other founders
Day 14: Quick progress update
Day 13: Quick progress update
Day 12: Stripping down the MVP even more
Day 11: Progress report for search page
Day 10: Progress report for search page
Day 9: Progress report for search page

March 2017

Day 8: Looking forward to the beta launch
Day 7: My first encounter with an early release
Day 6: Spotify API and HTML5 audio... check!
Day 5: My first missed milestone
Day 4: Adapting to my oversights
Day 3: User registration and miscellaneous features
Day 2: Crowdnote bootstrapping
Day 1: I'm a full-time technical founder now
Calm before the Storm